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Sunday, June 6, 2010

dust bowl 2010 as seen by rose

the heat, the dirt, and the old time fun - our rally went off, had some hitchs (our first time pulling races together) and this event was not for the weak at heart with tempitures in the 100s...the only thing worse than dripping sweat is getting dirt stuck to it.for the attendees that had to leave early the day was probably disappointing - the races didn't get started until around 1, and our vendors had to battle the wind - but now for the ones that left early they will be even more disappointed after seeing our pictures, because this day turned out to be KICK ass.
pull start vintage minis started the races, the track was shortened for these bikes and it was pretty entertaining to see grown men racing on these little things and sliding out on the turns - I'm pretty sure the guy with the long gray beard was 3 sheets to the wind since I think every turn he wiped out and the fact that it didn't hurt him a bit, next time we will have to do sobriety checks prior to the line up.
the vintage moto cross bikes were great, lucky,gus, huber and brooklyn rode in full glory - but I think the first moto gus's tire went flat. there was a "where's waldo" guy in white overalls that halled ass... and Bryan Bird (modern rider) was stoked to ride mb's own #805 triumph racer on the track. (if you want a technical low down on the happenings of the races you will have to get it from mb)

the holigan class was fun to watch and had the full attention of all our attendees - just because it was insane to see a sidecar race against a scrambler and some big vintage moto cross bikes all on the same track, I was just waiting for an accident remembering in my head my plan of action and how I was going to run across the track in my corset, tight jeans and 3 inch wedge sandels to preform cpr. luckly I didn't have to do that and the only injury of the day was a guy that went down during practice on a mini bike that decided to take a jump that was not part of the track - broken arm and ribs I think, the elvis suit he was sporting didn't get ruined fortunatly...

we had a car and bike show - although I think most guys couldn't stick out the weather to get to the trophy awards show (trophy girl, rally spoke person, and flag girl this year was Abby) we had some cool bikes and an "interesting bus" place in our awards show. our flag girl's red lipstick, daisy dukes, cowboy hat and boots, and shimmering black hair must had been to much for her boyfriend to handle - he proposed to her today. now that is some amazing flagging capabilities!

and the pageant, my job - it was awesome the vintage trailer saved my girls from the dirt, and to have them walk out of it directly on to our cowboy make shift stage (all pallets) was perfect. each girl dazzled the audience with their favorite song and burlesque moves. some cutes girls and good tunes - I am still whistling the hook in "I Walk the Line" that Miss Bonnie Ville walked out to. In the end Miss Amy La Croux placed 1st (of course not with out our wacky mc making constent remarks about her constently remarkable giant boobs) 2nd place was the black haired bombsheel Jessica D. sporting a kill all hippys tank and lacey black panties, and third place was the classic beauty Symphony Rose. mb at the last minute bumped up the 2nd and 3rd place winners prizes to include cash (thanks to all of the support from our sponsors)... and in the end it was the best rally, pageant and scramble in hell on wheels history, including but not limited to the drunk guy + heckling + the Three Corman's stage vs. knife scare, the campout + 2 girls kicking the crap out of a creepy guy, and the burning of the stage at the end for our bonfire
xoxo rose

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