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Friday, October 8, 2010

Calendar Release Party Update

We are so excited to show you all the beautiful calendars - they are the best ones yet, it is a deal tomorrow too because unlike getting them on the website...no shipping charges and we will pay the tax, so you will get them for $20. even at the party!

To all the photogs... we are going to have a great photo op at roughly 7pm to announce the red carpet entrance of our pin ups: although not all 12 girls can make it - the ones we expect to attend are January's Miss Amy LaCroux, February's Miss Devilyn Mee, March's Abigail Daaaling, April's Shelby Sparkles, July's Lil' Miss Meg, August's Lady Liberty, September's Bunny Scout Breann, and December's Miss Symphony Rose! So come out with your cameras you should get some nice footage - we will make sure the photographers are positioned in a good spot.

If anyone decides to get a last minute room - a few of the out of town band members and some others are staying at Capistrano Seaside Inn for $89. They might still have some rooms. - see you all tomorrow xoxo rose

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