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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wow, what a day!

Portraits from the day
Credit: MeansRanker

thanks Tom Grill for the great pics

Here's a couple of pics from yesterdays rally. Thanks to all!


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  2. Fantastic event! We had a truly great day. Here's a link to some of our pics. See ya next year! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150222515017793.317826.693197792

  3. Great event Meatball! I posted some pics I snapped on Saturday too; http://thebullitt.blogspot.com/2011/06/hell-on-wheels-rally-photos.html

    Let me know if you'd like me to send you any.

  4. Great event!!! Riding down from Vegas to see and event that i cant believe their wasnt more people. Anywhoo hopefully we will be back next year with some minis to race! Until next year.. ive got some pics of the rally..

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  6. Obviously, the 2012 calendar isn't out yet, but so far, here at the house, the boys all agree that we like Miss June the best so far. . . I think the calendar's permanently stuck on June. .

  7. hi,
    Cool Bike, nice pics, thanks !!!
    EE, from RFT
    Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !