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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One for Go, One for Show....

Gary Jones 1973 250cc Nationals on a Honda Elsinore

It's getting down to the wire but we got Hayden's 73 Elsinore finished last night. We did a complete rider quality restoration and made a couple of updates such as the taller GP seat and a Mikuni carb since he'll be racing it.

 I'd say 90% of the original parts were used, the only things we changed were the bars, grips, tires and  spokes.

The tank turned out too nice to put on the bike so we'll keep it somewhere safe for now..

1 comment:

  1. That thing came out bitchin'!! My cousin's father in law his a really low hour '74 Elsinore 250 that I'm dying to get my hands on. Something is broke in the trans so it's just been sitting for the last 20 some odd years.

    Can't wait for the Rally!!