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Monday, June 17, 2013

Flat track classes...

Here are the classes for the flat track. These may change based on how many entries we get in each class, as always there's a class for everyone and we'll fit you in somewhere.
You do not need a flat track bike or tires, this is a Hell on Wheels event, if it’s got two wheels you can race it!
There will be races for flat track bikes too.

Early entry is $30 and $10 for each additional class, sign up before 8/8/13 otherwise the price goes up to $50!

Entrance fee is $10, and worth every penny, you’ve never seen a racing like this!

Camping is available on Saturday night is only $10

Make sure you join the event page for more details and updates.

Mini bike - Pull start.
Mini bike – Kick start.
Brakeless class - Yes that’s right bikes with no brakes!
Open Twins - 4 stroke Twins
Bomber - 4 stroke, Single cylinder
Modern - 1980 to present 4 stroke motorcycles
Vintage 2 Stroke – 2 stroke motorcycles up to 1974
Smoker - 2 stroke motorcycles up 1974-1980
Modern - 2 Stroke. 1980 to present 2 stroke motorcycles
Hell on Wheels Whiskey Challenge – Run whatcha brung, non flat track bikes only!
Hell on Wheels Pro Cup – Run whatcha brung, flat track bikes only!

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