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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adopt a Husky..

The Spokesmen will be auctioning off a 1980 Husqvarna cr390 at this years Hell On Wheels Rally, I used to have one of these and it was savagely quick.

The bike is now being auctioned on ebay, you can bid here.

All procedes go to a very good cause, check out the Beer Booters blog for more info.

From the Beer Booters website.

This 1980 Husky CR390 with a freshly rebuilt motor will be up for auction on June 16th to help promote the Lima Family Recovery Fund at the Hells on Wheels motor rally.

The bike will be available for viewing at the Hell on Wheels event at the Spokesmen tent and the auction will end that evening! These are rare, these are neat and these Husky's are fast.

If you have always wanted one of these Husky's, or just feel like being an awesome person wanting to help out place your bid and by chance getting a righteous motorbike, check back around June 9th and I will post a link to the auction - all proceeds will go directly to the Lima Family Recovery Fund!


  1. Thanks Mang, But its Spokemen Jesse doing the good Deed!

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