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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The first Hell On Wheels Flat track race is in the bag and I don't think it coulda gone any better! Everyone came out and put on a show from Eeyore doing a flying lipstand on a minibike to the Bixby Moto Sidecar carnage that ended in a quick hospital trip... The pros who showed us how to do it properly and all the guys mid pack fighting for 4th place with their mates.

The place was packed and all the grids were full, there's sure to be more footage and articles surface in the coming weeks, If anyone has any they want to share send it in to us.

For now here's  some pictures I could find, they are all stolen from Biltwell since we never have time to take any of our own,  follow the link below there's hundreds more!

Thanks to the sponsors, the racers and the voyeurs who make all this possible.


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