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Friday, August 9, 2013

See you all Tommorow!

Tomorrow's the big one! The Hell on Wheels run what you brung flat track race. The response to this ones has been unreal, we already have more riders signed up than anything else we've ever done by a very long way. Old pro's to Virgins, mini bikes with sidecars, brakeless dinosaurs and a gang of Bultacos, you're all in there.

We just wanted to thank you everyone who shared the event, gave out fly...ers, told friends, shouted from the rooftops and anything else you did to get the word out.
We couldn't do it without you, we put these things on and hope that someone shows up, you guys always come through and put on a hell of a spectacle!

Thanks also to all the sponsors for giving us the support we need to get away from wrenching long enough to run around and get these events of the ground. Check out the flyer go to their stores, websites, blogs. Buy something, leave a message, clink on a link lets give them something back for letting us all get out and go ape a few times a year.

Thanks again me old mates, see you all tomorrow.

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